Salient features


Autonomous management of Gift Card issuance, distribution and usage by Blockchain Smart Contracts- ensuring decentralized control by all the key stakeholders


Traceability of all transactions- Immutable recording of all transactions and transparency for all transactions ensuring minimal risk of frauds

User Control

Control the usage of their cards through a Secure PIN- provides additional protection to gift card holders

for ease of Operation

The platform has been designed to meet the needs of
a diverse set of operators

Gift Card

Online portal

Coupon Aggregators

Local stores

Mall operators

Large Brands

Launch your gift Card program in less than a day with minimal investments and efforts

Sign up for our Omni Channel platform and experience all the below features

Issuance in online and physical stores

Personalization templates for card visuals and denomination

Support for multi card programs

Operator administration console and reporting dashboards

Optional APIs for integration with POS setup

Support for merchant or customer initiated payment process

Personalized for branding

The platform comes with predefined but configurable templates to allow for personalization and customization around various components of the solution

Card design and logo

Brand name

Card type and variants

Online transaction portal

Customer communications

Customer and store data collection

Platform subscription

A simple 3 step DIY to enable your Gift card program

Step 1


Brief outline about the Card Program goals and information about the operator of the Card Program

We will setup the appropriate network and Infrastructure to support the required business objectives

Step 2


Personalization of the program- choosing design templates and adding personalization themes

Step 3


Operations setup including adding the operations team and granting access

Configure & go live!

Merchant Enrollment and POS Integration | Gift Card generation | Gift Card Issuance | Gift Card Transactions | Usage and other Reports

Key benefits

Krypc’s BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) Gift card platform is a ready to adopt SaaS solution designed to simplify the operations and management of a Gift Card setup for operators

Minimizing upfront investment in technology, IT infrastructure or associated overheads

Using Blockchain technology to minimize frauds and enhanced privacy and security

Omni-Channel support to meet diverse business needs and variations

Personalization features to help operators leverage and maximize the value and association of the brand to the program