Our Specialization

Hedera Hashgraph consulting and development

Custom Hedera application development

Hedera Hashgraph Platform Integration

NFT Marketplace Development

Metaverse Solution Development

Hedera Sustainability solution Development

Why Hedera Hashgraph

Hedera is the next generation public distributed ledger


Scaling crypto to 10,000 TPS(on chain, no shardling)

Roadmap to scale network beyond 10,000 TPS in 2021+

Finality in seconds


Only protocol with proven Asynchronous Bbyzantine Fault Tolerance - Coq proof from Carnegie Mellon University

DDoS attacks - No leader (not even temporary)

Secure against Sybil attacks - Proof of stake


Fair timestamps - A few malicious nodes cannot affect it too much

Fair ordering - Sort by timestamp

Fair access - user chooses node or multiple nodes


Price stable in USD

Competitive pricing - $0.0001 per HCS tx and $0.001 for HTS tx

Platforms Built on HCore


eBill of Lading

HSigner – Document trace and track

ImpactChain – Digital Library tracking


NFT Marketplace

Go Live with HCore

Go Live with HCore

We recommend 3 major iterative phases


Define the Minimum Viable Ecosystem; Onboard Team

Develop the functional & technical architecture

Confirm value & identify challenges, if any

Build & Test the POC iteratively

Pilot/ MVP

Include first set of

Parallel run as pilot for testing

Audit the Smart Contracts for standardization

Assess the use case for node deployment


Expand MVE by adding participants

Pilot Blockchain in production

Integration with legacy

Institutionalize operating structure