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Full Stack Enterprise Blockchain Workbench

Infrastructure Deployment Services

1. Deployment Services for Enterprises
2. Automated Deployment via Terraform
3. Automated Deployment via ARM Template
4. Multi Cloud Infrastructure Creation and Management Tool

Network Deployment Services

1. Dockerized Deployment Module for VM Based Deployments
2. Kubernetes Deployment Module for Azure using an ARM Template
3. Kubernetes Cloud Agnostic Deployment Module for Helm Based Deployments
4. Kubernetes Multi Cloud Deployment Module for Custom Generated Manifest Deployments

Blockchain Network Management Services

1. Custom Network Bootstrap and Management Module for:

a. Channel Manager
b. Chaincode Manager
c. Block Management
d. User Management
e. Organization Management

2. Network Scale through:

a. Peer Addition
b. Organization Addition
c. Channel Addition
d. Chaincode Addition

3. Network Mapping via intuitive user interfaces:

a. Blockchain studio to easily map organization structure, communication, and hierarchy levels via a drag and drop user interface
b. Portable network definition construct manager