About KrypC

KrypC is a FinTech solution and service provider focusing on
bringing innovative solutions in the field of Blockchain

KrypC specializes is undertaking niche developments in the Blockchain domain. As founding members of one of the largest certifying authority and central bank authorized mobile payments company, KrypC team brings in considerable technology and operational experience and expertise in the area of cryptography, security and mobility. With a development center in India and primary market reach in USA, KrypC works closely with clients to develop customized solutions and platforms using multiple Blockchain protocols.

Currently bootstrapped, KrypC aims to make good use of available resources and also create a partner network in markets like Amsterdam and Singapore so that they don't have to 're-invent the wheel' and attempt to start from scratch in some markets. KrypC also has a entity in the UK and is in the process of setting up an office in the USA to be closer to their main target market. As a 33-member team consisting primarily of researchers and techies who are early adopters of new technology, KrypC understands the nuts and bolts of Blockchain technology. They decided to venture into this space to fill the existing gaps that are generally present when a new technology is launched in the market.

KrypC provides enterprise ready solutions and services for businesses keen on adopting Blockchain technology. KrypC's protocol agnostic workbench - KrypCore, helps implement Blockchain quickly with near zero coding effort and minimal Blockchain knowledge to reap the maximum benefits of this tech.